Based in Sheffield, the One Health Group (OHG) was established in 2004 providing free high quality NHS care for patients requiring orthopaedic surgery and other specialties.

Orthopaedics consists of diagnosing and treating conditions involving the musculoskeletal system (our joints, bones, ligaments and tendons) with a range of surgical and non-surgical options. One Health offer a number of different surgeries for everything from spinal conditions to total hip/ knee replacements and foot and ankle surgery - including keyhole surgery.

To look at the full range of treatments available follow the link below: Find a Treatment | One Health Group

Some of the benefits of choosing One Health for your NHS treatment include:

  • Shorter waiting times (3 to 7 weeks on average) compared to lengthier waits
  • Local clinics for consultations and physiotherapy follow up
  • Surgery in local, independent hospitals
  • Access to the same surgeon for all your appointments and surgery

How can I have be referred to One Health?

You can ask your GP to be referred to the OHG. Here in Barnsley you may need to be referred to the Musculoskeletal team first who will assess you and refer you to the earliest, convenient appointment via the NHS e-Referral System (previously known as “Choose and Book”) to One Health as your care provider.

In Barnsley our closest independent hospitals for surgery are Thornbury in Sheffield and Kinvara in Rotherham. However with over 30 locations you may be offered a different hospital with a shorter waiting time. The average waiting time for surgery is 10 to 15 weeks (depending on specialty).

One Health treatment including physiotherapy is FREE for all NHS patients.

What happens if I require post-operative physiotherapy?

Here at Western House in Barnsley our clinic forms part of a network providing post-operative physiotherapy following your surgery. This network is called “Physio Net” and we meet regularly to ensure that all clinics are kept up to date with any developments occurring in the OHG. We also work closely with the consultants and attend presentations as part of our meetings to ensure our knowledge is always current.

If you require physiotherapy you will be referred straight from the OHG to us at Western House to book your pre allocated number of physiotherapy sessions. We will then contact you to book these appointments prior to your surgery. Your physiotherapy may commence as soon as a week after having your operation depending on the nature of your surgery.

When you attend for your physiotherapy at Western House you will be treated by the same physiotherapist for each appointment in a private and comfortable downstairs consulting room. Your physiotherapist will take your history and guide you through your post-operative rehabilitation with both “hands on” treatment if indicated and through an exercise programme.

Some of the benefits of receiving local physiotherapy via the OHG include:

  • FREE treatments for NHS patients
  • No long car journeys when you may be unable to drive following your surgery
  • All your appointments booked at a convenient time prior to your surgery (we offer both evening and Saturday morning appointments here at Western House)
  • Specailised and experienced physiotherapists who will help you to recover after your surgery
  • We are connected directly with OH and can liaise with your consultant if required to update them on your progress

For further information regarding the One Health Group please follow the link to the website

Working with the NHS to provide expert care | One Health Group

To speak to one of our physiotherapists contact us at Western House Consulting Rooms in Barnsley on (01226) 730249

Posted on Dec 12, 2023

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