Our team of chiropodists, physiotherapists (physios) and other practitioners based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire can advise and treat patients on a wide range of conditions and problems. We are proud to offer the highest standards of care with quick and easy access to our extensive range of medical, surgical and complementary services. Treatment is usually within 24 hours and most treatments are covered by leading health schemes.

Our two main focuses are chiropody and physiotherapy, which we have detailed information pages for that which outline what the symptoms could be if you require our assistance.

If you want more information on any service we offer or if you would like to book an appointment, have a look at our dedicated contact page for the best ways to get in touch with us.

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Monday 10am - 7pm
Tuesday 9am - 4pm
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Saturday 9am - 2pm
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Western House in Barnsley     Our Location

Barnsley, UK

Western House Consulting Rooms is located in the heart of Barnsley close to the new Old Mill Lane college campus